35 Great Questions to Ask Before Marriage in Dubai

Searching for some great questions to ask before marriage in Dubai? You’ve made a wise decision.

Marriage is a sacred and life-altering commitment that should never be entered into lightly. Thus, the would-be husbands and wives need to know and understand the dreams, aspirations, expectations, and needs of each other as extensively as possible.

While you’ll definitely have a lot of time to know each other after getting married, there are plenty of things you should openly discuss before walking down the aisle in this beautiful city of dreams.

So, even before you start planning what’d probably be one of the most memorable days of your life, it’d be wise to ask some very important questions to your partner. But what should these questions be? Take a look-

35 Great Questions to Ask Before Marriage in Dubai

1.  Why marry?

First things first, with several couples not willing to take the plunge and say “I do,” why get married? Romantic feelings? Sure. But what else? It couldn’t be and shouldn’t be the only reason to marry someone.

So, ask your partner why he/she thinks marriage is the next chapter of your relationship and how it’ll add more value to your bond and your life. This is one of the essential questions to ask yourself and your partner before marriage.

2.  What are our expectations from the marriage?

Of course, your partner would expect love, honesty, trust, and commitment from you. But there are many other aspects, including communication, appreciation, compassion, and efforts that are essential for any relationship to last a lifetime.

Having an overview of how your partner imagines your life after getting married and what he/she expects post-marriage can help you enjoy a more rewarding and enjoyable marriage.

3.  What are our individual and shared cultural values?

Dubai has a multicultural environment. If you met your partner at work in Dubai, chances are they might have a significantly different cultural background. Talking about how these aspects might influence your day-to-day lives and decisions is critical to coexist harmoniously.

Try to understand each other’s background and look for ways to bridge potential gaps even before you get married.

4.  What role will religion play in our married and family life?

Religious Beliefs Proposal

Religious beliefs range from staunch believers to atheists. Especially in a city like Dubai which is known for its diversity, it is very much possible for your partner to have a strikingly different outlook toward religion.

Thus, it is important to explore how religious beliefs will impact the traditions, decisions, and upbringing of children. Talk about your religious and spiritual journeys and envision incorporating them into your marriage without disrespecting each other’s beliefs.

5.  How to handle family opinions and expectations?

One of the most important questions to ask her before marriage is about the role of the family in post-marriage life.

In many cultures, families continue to play a significant role in marriage. This often leads to disagreements and conflicts after marriage. The cosmopolitan environment of Dubai requires thoughtful consideration of both modern and traditional family dynamics.

6.  What are your long-term financial goals?

Finance-related matters are often behind most discrepancies in relationships. Openly discuss this topic with your partner before marriage so that you have at least a brief understanding of their long-term financial goals.

Talk about their financial aspirations, investment goals, and financial security plans as a couple so that such matters don’t result in conflicts after marriage.

7.  As a couple, how will we manage finances?

Does your partner want separate or joint bank accounts? Who will handle the household budget? How will the financial responsibilities be shared among the two? These are great questions to ask before marriage in Dubai. You will be surprised to know that the majority of the separations that occur after marriage are due to mismanaged finances.

Have clarity on these matters to effectively prevent misunderstandings and live a more satisfying and financially secure married life.

8.  Do we want children? If yes, how many?

Among the things to discuss before marriage, another one on top of the list should be family planning. It is not uncommon for couples to decide not to have any kids after marriage.

What if your partner feels the same or vice versa? What if you want to have 1 or 2 kids but your partner wants a big family? Discuss these matters beforehand to better plan your family.

9.  How will we share childcare responsibilities?

Childcare Proposal

Dubai has a fast-paced lifestyle and it could be very challenging for you and your partner to maintain a work-life balance. So, it is better to discuss roles and expectations related to raising children and balancing work and family life.

Both parents should share the responsibilities as much as possible to ensure the new life gets the best from both the mother and father.

10.  What are your career aspirations?

Dubai offers extensive career opportunities to both men and women. But if you’re planning to get married, you should discuss your career goals with your partner and how they might evolve after marriage.

Consider how you can support each other’s professional growth and build a more financially secure future for your family.

11.  Do you have plans to relocate in the future?

There could be personal or professional reasons why your partner might have plans to temporarily or permanently relocate to a different country in the future. Are you willing to relocate with your partner?

Whether your answer is yes or no, both of you will need to discuss the topic extensively so that it doesn’t strain your relationship after marriage.

12.  How will the household chores and responsibilities be divided?

If you’re looking for great questions to ask before marriage, do try to know what your partner thinks about sharing household chores and responsibilities. With our demanding professional lives, it can be challenging to give enough time to your home and its responsibilities. But we should try our best.

Openly talking about this topic and discussing how the responsibilities will be divided is crucial for a harmonious married life.

13.  What are our housing preferences?

Dubai has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. And you can find many different types of residential properties, including studios, duplexes, penthouses, villas, lofts, and more.

So, whether you guys would move to a rented property or purchase one together is another aspect that needs your attention.

14.  What are our expectations regarding personal space and privacy?

Space And Privacy

Couples experience a higher sense of intimacy, connection, and love when both respect each other’s privacy and personal space. It helps you maintain an identity and independence which plays a critical role in every harmonious relationship.

Even before you get married, have an open conversation about personal space to understand what your partner thinks and at the same time discuss your expectations around this matter.

15.  How are we going to manage conflicts and disagreements?

No matter how great you’re together, there will be conflicts and disagreements now and then. Thus, it is better to talk about it, explore communication styles, and maybe even work on conflict resolution strategies so that such conflicts are just minor squabbles and nothing more.

In a multicultural and fast-paced city like Dubai, effective communication is key for healthy relationships.

16.  What recreational and leisure activities do we like?

Discussions before marriage can prove highly rewarding in the long run. But it doesn’t need to be very serious and gloomy. There are also many fun questions to ask before marriage to keep the conversation light and enjoyable.

For instance, you can talk about fun activities and hobbies you both enjoy and look for ways to incorporate them into your lives. And in a city like Dubai which is known for its plethora of leisure options, couples can find several activities they could enjoy together.

17.  How to manage social interactions and outings?

Dubai has a vibrant social scene and it’d help if you discuss your expectations about spending time with family and friends beforehand. Your social life has a role to play in a fulfilling and well-rounded marital experience.

Knowing what you both expect from each other in this regard will only strengthen your bond and help you build and maintain a thriving social circle.

18.  What is our opinion on prenuptial agreements?

While you might not even want to think about falling apart, these are matters that should be handled as practically as possible.

For instance, many couples now opt for prenuptial agreements to state the regime of the assets they own. See what your partner’s opinion is on this matter and openly communicate about financial expectations and protection before marriage.

19.  What are our views on equality and gender roles?

Equality And Gender

There’s a dynamic blend of traditions and cultures in Dubai. Thus, it is also essential to address each other’s opinions on gender dynamics and how they could impact your married life.

Talk about how you’ll promote equality and mutual respect in the relationship.

20.  How frequently will we meet/connect with extended family members?

If you’re an expat in Dubai, you’ll mostly have your family members living abroad. Talk to your partner about how frequently we are going to meet and connect with them and maintain healthy relationships. Traveling can be expensive thus this is one of the great questions to ask before marriage in Dubai.

Leverage Dubai’s extensive connectivity options to foster connections with loved ones.

21.  What is our take on financial and social responsibilities with our families?

In some cultures, it is very common for family members to support each other financially. Talk to your partner about his/her views on financially helping the family members and how it aligns with your financial objectives. Try to find a balance that works with your relationship’s priorities.

22.  What do we think about higher education?

Continuous learning is the best way to keep growing in your career. Share your thoughts regarding education and if you have plans to pursue higher studies after marriage. Talk about how you’ll support each other’s educational pursuits.

23.  How will we care for our health and well-being?

Amid the demanding professional landscape of Dubai, it is critical to care for your health and well-being. If you’re searching for great questions to ask before marriage, it’d help if you know your partner’s view on this subject.

Talk about fitness routines, healthy habits, and how we are going to support each other’s physical and mental well-being.

24.  How will we celebrate religious and cultural holidays?

While you both might have been together for a long time, things change dramatically when you get married and start living with each other.

One aspect that deserves your attention is how you both will honor and celebrate important religious and cultural events, considering the diverse festivities of Dubai. Embrace the opportunity to learn and celebrate together.

25.  How are we going to handle emergencies and challenges?

Romantic Dates

Life is full of ups and downs. While there is no way to escape the uncertainties of life, you sure can take measures to handle them effectively. These challenges could be related to finances, career, health, or relationships. Work on a plan to help each other during such testing times.

26.  How do we see our retirement lives?

Retirement is rightly called the second inning of our lives. Discuss your retirement plans and what you’d like to do after you hang your work boots. What kind of life you would want to live, whether or not to continue living in Dubai or move somewhere else, etc., so that you can effectively plan the dream retirement life.

27.  How will we maintain romance and intimacy in our relationship?

One of the right questions before marriage is talking about physical and emotional intimacy which will work as the bedrock for your relationship. While it can be challenging at times to maintain a strong romantic connection amid the hustle and bustle of Dubai, you’ll have to make intentional efforts to keep the flame alive. Romantic dates now and then can certainly add new vigor to the relationship.

28.  How will we ensure our emotional connection remains strong in the long run?

Talk about strategies to improve and maintain emotional intimacy and connections as the relationship continues to evolve after marriage. Life keeps changing but your emotional bond with your partner should only keep getting stronger with time. Continuously work on your emotional bond to get through life’s challenges.

29.  If there are language barriers, how will we navigate them?

Dubai has a multilingual environment and there could be language barriers that could prevent effective communication. Embrace the opportunity to learn and communicate in a language both can speak fluently.

30.  How will we manage language and cultural barriers with our neighbors and other community members?

The expat population in Dubai is over 8 million. There are people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Nepal, and many other parts of the world. Talk about how you’ll navigate potential challenges when engaging with people from diverse backgrounds.

31.  How will we manage stress and burnout?

Stressful Couples

The professional and personal responsibilities could at times get too much to handle. Discuss coping mechanisms, self-care routines, and how you can support each other during such stressful periods.

32.  How to manage screen time in the relationship?

We now spend a lot of our everyday lives surrounded by technologies and devices. But for a healthy relationship, it is important to have boundaries and ensure you try your best to spend some quality time with your partner.

33.  How do we plan to support community and charitable activities?

Explore shared values regarding giving back to the local community and participating in philanthropy. Talk about how you can together contribute to the better of society.

34.  What are your views on home design and décor?

Dubai has kind of a luxury-oriented lifestyle as can be seen from the likes of Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, and The Palm.

When talking about living arrangements, one of the great questions to ask before marriage in Dubai is about your partner’s aesthetic preferences. Explore how you both envision building a comfortable and stylish home that reflects both personalities.

35.  If applicable, how will we embrace and celebrate the multicultural wedding traditions of Dubai?

If you’re planning your wedding in Dubai, discuss how you’ll incorporate elements of local traditions and customs into your celebration.


These are 35 great questions to ask before marriage and pave the way for a strong and harmonious union. By openly discussing these topics, couples can better understand each other’s perspectives, values, and expectations. One great place to discuss these sensitive issues will be private location setup which our meetings setup service can offer you.

Always remember that successful marriages are built on a foundation of communication, compromise, and mutual respect. So, take some time to explore these questions to ensure a fulfilling and loving partnership that could stand the test of time in the dynamic city of Dubai.

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1.  What questions are asked before marriage?

As in this list of great questions to ask before marriage, you can discuss topics related to personal values, family planning, career, finances, lifestyle preferences, communication, and intimacy to begin this new phase of life with the utmost clarity and confidence.

2.  What is the difficult question in marriage?

There are matters like finances, families, past lives, etc., that could be challenging to talk about. But as trust and commitment are crucial in any relationship, try your best to ask questions about these topics to better understand your partner.

3.  What are good relationship questions?

Any question that helps you gain insights into the preferences, vulnerabilities, lifestyle, and goals of your partner can help your relationship. Communication is key to successful relationships and you should do your best to always talk to your partner no matter how difficult or even silly the question might seem.

4.  What is the biggest struggle in marriages?

Financial problems, poor communication, and lack of intimacy are often the most common reasons that result in relationship struggles. Even before you get married, you and your partner should work on these aspects to build a strong foundation and enjoy a life full of love and respect.

5.  What are the romantic questions for couples?

Questions related to intimacy, love language, traveling together, etc., can help spice up the relationship and make things more romantic. These are great questions to ask before marriage and make married life fun and exciting.

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