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Emotions events

Emotions events provide committed services to the client by building a long-term relationship. We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding the client’s needs and offering unique, creative design solutions particular to their vision. Our strengths are our design capabilities, our commitment to quality, and our service to you.


Event Planning team

Farah | Event Planner

After working as an architectural designer in several jobs, I realized that my creativity simply wasn’t cut out for the limitations of a corporate life.

I enjoy the intense process of concept to execution and running my own wedding and events company allows me to expand my creative process and encourages me to think big.

I also worked on employing my technology skills in designing any special event in a simulation and 3D shape by working on professional designing programs and softwares like 3D MAX , Autocad , RIVET , Sketch up and Photoshop.

By speaking several languages, it gave me the opportunity to get to know different client’s backgrounds’, their cultures, and traditions in depth which also allowed me to successfully execute their events in immense detail.

Rawan | Wedding Planner

I obtained my two Master’s degrees in Information Technology and in Multidisciplinary Studies from the United States of America where I delved deeper into the importance of individual differences and tastes.

My journey took a whole new turn when I moved to Dubai 10 years ago. It was a surreal experience. Adapting to a new culture, language, system… was something very unusual and taught me some wonderful things.

I worked as a TV and social media presenter for several years, delivering my passion for the audience in very creative and ways.

My experience working in media showed me the power of customer interaction, new concepts and ideas, and how to think outside the box.

Adding to that, using my technology skills and background led me to start designing events using several event management solutions software and applications to make any impossible picture come true.


Wedding Questions

If you’re planning your nuptials, there’s a chance you have some wedding questions. If so, you’re in luck! Here, we recap the most popular wedding questions we’ve received from couples throughout the year — plus, the answers straight from our experts.

Wedding planning is a lot of work and can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re taking on the job yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced professional with their eye on every detail?

Picture it: no more worrying about favors and place cards, no more stressing over what time the band goes on—instead, you can focus on looking beautiful and enjoying your guests’ company while your planner makes sure that everything is going according to plan.

Give yourself breaks
Take an Assessment
Consider Softening Scents
Hit the gym
Follow a Timeline
Take Care of Yourself
Allow Yourself to Be Nervous
Jot Down Your Feelings
Plan a Date Night

For destination weddings, we recommend booking your venue 12-16 months out. That being said, different venues will have different requirements. If it’s a super popular destination wedding spot, they may be booked out for 18 months in advance. This is where your planner will come in—she will know which venues require what amount of time in advance to book. Keep in mind some venues won’t take weddings that are too far out—2-3 years, for example—as it simply doesn’t make sense for them to have something on the books that far in advance knowing the number of things that can change in such a long amount of time.

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