How to Wear Engagement Ring After Wedding?

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In this article, you’ll learn a few essential things about how to wear engagement ring after wedding. The concept of the engagement ring goes all the way back to ancient Greek and Egyptian times. It is a symbolic gesture that represents the bond between married couple. But do you know the proper way to wear […]

How to Pack for Destination Wedding?

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Have you been trying to figure out how to pack for destination wedding? You are one of many to face such a situation. What do you pack for a destination wedding as a couple, bridegroom, or guest? It’s quite a daunting task that even the most organized people find complicated. However, you don’t have to […]

How to Budget for a Wedding?

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Couples looking to marry should know how to budget for a wedding. A wedding budget can help them begin a marriage without debt or stress. Creating a budget can also enable a young couple to gather enough funds before their wedding day. There are several wedding expenses, but the highest cost goes to catering and venue. If your guest […]

How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Dubai: The Expert Guide

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How to plan a destination wedding in Dubai? This article talks about all the important parts and details that will make your special event beautiful, memorable, stress-free, and fun. When planning a destination wedding, especially in a beautiful country like Dubai, there are many options, such as affordable wedding venues, wedding shopping, wedding planners, and […]

When to Start Planning A Wedding After Engagement?

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When to start planning a wedding? Most people say you should start making plans for your wedding a year before the big day. But if you only want to have a short engagement, plans can be made much faster. On average, 13 months after the couple’s engagement is enough time to complete a successful wedding […]

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