26 Weird Signs He Is Going to Say Yes

When a man is committed in a relationship, he begins to exhibit both romantic and weird signs he is going to propose to her. All of us have daydreamed about getting engaged in the most spectacular and unique ways. But even though we eagerly anticipate becoming engaged with our collaborators, the proposal itself frequently takes us by surprise. A proposal from him can be the logical next step for you if you love him and see him as the father of your children.

You are seeing him in your future, whether you’ve been together for 5 months or 5 years. As some couples make their engagement known to the public than others do. Some can be a bit traditional about it, they will wait until they pose their proposal before they announce it.

In this post, we are going to look at the different signs your boyfriend is going to propose.

When Will a Man Typically Ask Her Out Before Proposing?

After being in a relationship for a while, you could be watching out for signs of a marriage proposal. He is your soulmate, and you can’t wait for him to ask you to marry him. But are you certain that he has the same sentiments for you? Has he experienced a lightbulb moment where he decided that you are the one, he wants to spend his golden years with? Is he prepared to get married? None of it is known to us yet. But what we are certain of is that there may be undetectable indicators that he will propose, and you can notice them through some simple body language and attitude.

26 Weird Signs He Is Going to Propose

To clear up the doubts about whether he is going to propose, below are all the signs and actions you can notice that he is getting ready to pop the question.

1. He’s suddenly become interested in your jewels

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Without your finger size, he won’t be able to find the ideal ring. As a result, he will suddenly become interested in your jewelry. Additionally, he will start asking you about the kinds of jewelry you prefer. Rings are significant investments, so he won’t give up until he has all the details he needs.

2. His spending has been reduced

He might be saving up to surprise you if his shopping habits have changed from buying anything he wants anytime he wants to buy just what is necessary. When a man is prepared to start a family, he not only prepares and saves for the wedding band but also his future family’s needs.

3. He requests that you create a joint account

Your partner is considering making you the woman of his dreams if he doesn’t mind that you have all of your money in one spot. A ring may be on the way if he intends to jointly decide how money is spent, which is a good indicator. This is one of the most important indicators that he is going to pop the question and that he wants to start a family with you.

4. He formally welcomes you into his family and circle of friends

Rarely will a man showcase you to others in his circle if he is not prepared to commit. So, if your lover took that bold step, he’s probably going to surprise you at a certain point. The good thing is that he is certainly committed to you and could have even thought about getting married if things go well.

5. He’s trying to interact with your family more

One of the signs he’s about to propose is that he will make an effort to get to know your friends and family. He might be thinking about getting married if he starts becoming strangely friendly with your family, especially your father. This constitutes one of the indications that he is considering getting married and is thus attempting to establish himself in your family.

6. He’s developed a secretive streak for no apparent reason

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If your partner is unwilling for you to participate in any of his activities while you are together and he is not having an affair, he may be looking for the ideal ring to place on your finger. He might be making hotel reservations for the significant engagement and wouldn’t want you to know. If he is giving off indications that he is preparing to propose, secrecy isn’t all that awful.

7.  He has begun talking about getting married, money, and your future together

The conversation is where most of the weird signs he is going to propose lie. When he starts talking about marriage, money, and what’s to come with you, that’s one of the telltale indicators he’s going to pop the question. It’s a solid indicator that your partner is ready to share the rest of his days with you if he starts a conversation about what your marital expectations are as well as how financial duties will be divided in the future. I’m guessing you already know the response to the query, “Is he getting ready to propose?”

8. He desires a committed relationship

Your guy might decide to get married and establish a family because his buddies are doing it. He might want to ask her to marry him out of admiration, shyness, or concern about standing out. This is another indication that a marriage proposal is being made. Although peer or parental pressure might not be the most romantic motivation for wanting to get married, it is one of the indications that he may propose.

9. You came across a ring

It’s possible that you simply wrecked the surprise if you were organizing his closet and unintentionally discovered a ring stashed somewhere, or perhaps a receipt for the purchase of a ring you had never seen before. Nine out of 10 grooms asked their partners to marry them while holding the ring in their hands, according to a study by the Knot 2017 Jewelry & Engagement. This is therefore a hint that your boyfriend is likely to propose if he is dependable.

10. His friends and relatives are calling and texting him frequently

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If neither your birthday nor your anniversary is approaching, then you’re good to go. He might be organizing a surprise party following the engagement. This is an enormous indication that he will pop the question shortly!

11.  Your family is behaving strangely

He may be receiving assistance from members of your family or acquaintances, which is a strong possibility. Guys don’t make marriage proposals on their own. They require aid. So, keep an eye out; your family will know if he plans to make an elaborate proposal. Your family is supporting him with his plans to propose if they are acting strangely and secretively. A clear giveaway is all-knowingness, covert smiles, and an aura of eagerness.

12.  He has been attending pre-engagement counseling

Pre-engagement therapy is one of the signs he’s hiding a proposal. He might start looking for therapists to assist him in overcoming unidentified fears related to committing to someone permanently. Considering that he may have a little anxiety about commitment, this is not a good situation.

13.  He is prepared to surrender his ego

If your guy is the kind that often walks away when circumstances in your relationship get tough, but suddenly, he’s willing to listen and compromise, then his perspective is probably shifting. If so, it is an indication that he is prepared for marriage and that he desires to wed you.

14. He keeps deciding to spend more time with you

You suddenly start to know your man’s routine after being with him for a while. Something is amiss if that begins to change. When a man is truly ready for things to calm down, he will begin to spend enough time with them and will refer them to his friends.

15.  He’s grown overly possessive of you

If you’ve noticed that your partner has been acting suspiciously lately or has grown more possessive of you, he might be getting ready to propose to you. If he’s ready to pop the question, he can feel awkward if you start getting too close with another guy or schedule too many dates with them. If he is genuine about popping the question to you in this situation, he is likely to become anxious and too possessive of you.

16. He has switched from saying “I” to saying “We.”

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You can anticipate a wedding soon when the word “We” starts to appear in his everyday speech. His plans will focus more on you and him together than on him by himself or with his friends. In the case where you are not keeping a watch for clues, you won’t notice that there has been a relatively small alteration. He starts focusing on his pronouns in case you are fixated on the proposal. The use of “We” rather than “I” indicates that he will propose shortly.

17. He mentions wanting to have kids

One of the telltale signs he will propose soon is when he starts talking seriously about things like money and having kids. Before getting engaged, couples are open and honest with one another. According to a survey by the Knot 2017 Jewelry and Engagement, 96% of couples talked about having children, and 90% of couples talked about finances.

18. You had the impression that the timing was ideal

You must use extreme caution as you try to decipher this indication that he’s going to pop the question. Perhaps this is the moment you have been patiently awaiting for, If you have ever been dating for a while, both of you are on the career path you want to be on, the people closest to you are supportive of each other, and there is no excuse in the world to put off your wedding. Your desire to make your wedding entrance can soon come true.

19. He has suddenly become overly curious about your ideas

If you notice that your partner has been overly interested in learning about your travel, job, or other plans, he may be doing his best to surprise you. He might be attempting to confirm that you’re available so that he can proceed with making the necessary arrangements for the type of proposal you always wanted without having his plans foiled.

20. His enjoyment of other people’s weddings has increased

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Do you realize how enthused your partner has gotten about going to weddings? Do you think he’s become acutely aware of the details involved in wedding planning or do you think this is one of the signs he’s going to propose soon? If the answer is yes and it deviates from his usual behavior, he may be getting comfortable with how to approach the wedding proposal. If you observe his extraordinary interest in things like the wedding gown, the location, or the wedding traditions, these could be indicators that he’s about to pop the question.

21. He is quite interested in your attractiveness and exercise routine

Your partner will start paying attention to how you two looks if he plans to propose to you grandly in front of hundreds of witnesses. He may be getting you ready for the big day if you notice that he has suddenly grown overly earnest about his workout regimen, is asking you to join him frequently, or is offering you special spa or manicure packages.

22. When you’re the only person he wants around him

When your partner starts to act more tenderly toward you or when you are the only person, he is interested in being with, he may be preparing to pop the question. You are the special someone he has found and is prepared to spend the rest of his life with.

23. If he gets too close to your friends

First things first, it’s obvious that someone special wants to advance things immediately if he or she is attempting to become very familiar with your family or friends. Most often, when they want to keep things a secret and want to learn about your preference for the ideal piece of equipment with which they would propose to you, guys start connecting with those who are close to you.

24. When he becomes obsessed about the future

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Boys typically do not consider their futures too much unless there is a compelling cause to do so. And one of the main motivations for anyone to start planning is marriage. If your special someone has begun discussing his future, including where he wants to live and when he wants to change careers to enjoy a wonderful life after marriage, this is a sign. As he has finally made up his mind to get married, it is an indication that he intends to propose to you.

25. When he wants to travel alone with you only

Wanting to take a trip with just you alone are one of the signs he is going to propose on vacation. Yes, the holiday season is a terrific time to make marriage proposals, unbelievably. Therefore, if your partner asks you to take some time alone on Valentine’s Day, he is undoubtedly preparing to ask you that. Don’t pass up the chance to spend time with your life partner right now!

26.  Whenever he becomes agitated when asked about marriage

Another sign is if your lover becomes angry when you bring about marriage. Yes, some boys start to perspire or act strangely when asked about their marriage. They become annoyed since they may be intending to propose but manage to do so, which bothers them. Or it’s possible that he is deeply in love with you and is therefore afraid of what would happen if you said no to the proposal. It is a hint that he will soon ask you to marry him and is simply waiting for the proper moment.

How Much Should You Take These Indications Seriously?

Some of the frequently noticed marriage proposal signals are the ones described above. However, the way he proposes will rely on his personality and the nature of your friendship with him. Your partner might prefer dropping hints if he’s the secretive sort. If he is uncertain about your reaction, he could choose to keep his proposal confidential or try to find out what you are thinking from friends and family. If you and your partner are both showboats, and he understands you won’t say anything, but you’ll say yes, he’ll get down on one knee in the presence of a sizable crowd or make the marriage proposal the most special occasion ever.

How Long Does It Take a Man to Decide He Wants to Wed You?

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Some guys wait until they are certain that you are the right one for them; they don’t want to take the chance of wasting time on a person who is only “good enough.” Others might decide on a plan in just six months. Ensure that you don’t feel rushed or uncomfortable. You may ask him directly or through his family and friends whether he has any plans to pop the question.


Sometimes a man keeps showing off weird signs he is going to propose, but the moment never seems to arrive. How can you tell if he’ll ask you out? Well, if at all he is exhibiting most of the indicators that he will propose, he will. Anyone needs time to work up the nerve to propose marriage. Some processes take longer than others. But it’s all right. You must wait for things to happen and have faith in your gut.


Do guys act weird before they propose?

He’ll start to demonstrate signs he’s going to propose as the day of the proposal gets closer. Most guys can get nervous when someone proposes. There are numerous ways to interpret his actions. It’s possible that you knew it beforehand or that an “aha” moment struck you suddenly.

How do you tell if he is going to propose soon?

Your friends and family are the people who know you best, so if you see him going beyond for them, he might be getting ready to ask you to marry him.

Do men drop hints before proposing?

Women dropped about 12 clues during that time, and men dropped about 15; it took 8 months for the teasing to result in an engagement.

What guys think before proposing?

When thinking about proposing, men must think carefully about who they tell. He needs to be selective here because some people may want to keep it private while others may desire his or the bride’s friends’ assistance or advice.

How long do most people date before they propose?

There is no set period when you ought to receive engagement, which could mean it comes as a surprise. Some couples who believe in “love at first sight” can claim that being engaged can happen within a few days, although experts might advise waiting 3 to 6 months. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, from “You’re in a rush” to “It’s taking forever,” but there isn’t a foolproof method.

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