Marriage Proposal Planning Services

Regarded as the city of Dreams and LOVE , Dubai is the perfect place to pop the question. Nowhere on the globe will you find a city more glamorous and filled with love. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we create unforgettable personalised marriage proposal planning services for you and your love.

Our popular Proposal Planning packages

Beach proposal Planning services

Imagine the scene – you and your beloved are enjoying a succulent meal and sipping on the finest beverages as sea waves crash beside you. The moment is perfect as the night sky and the twinkling of string lights guide you on what might be the most romantic dinner of all time. If this sounds like the ideal moment to ask them, “will you marry me?” it’s because it is.

Whether embarking on a quest for the ultimate seaside dinner means taking the vacation of your dreams, traveling to the nearest charming beach , or planning your variation of the date, this is a romantic proposal that’s guaranteed to wow.

Bonus points if you hire a proposal photographer and vediographer to capture some engagement photos on the beach while the moment’s still fresh. The stunning scenery of the coastline at sunset is nothing short of Insta-worthy.

Seaside proposals could be at public or private beaches, sunset view, Burj Khalifa view, Burj al Arab view, Marina view, palm jumeirah view..etc

Rooftop proposal Services

There’s no better place to propose than in front of the skyline of Dubai . Let Burj Khalifa and Dubai Towers ,or Ain Dubai , Seaview be the backdrop of your private marriage proposal. Surprise your partner with an intimate rooftop proposal that’s magical, comfortable, and endlessly romantic.

Tailor the proposal to fit your aesthetic, and request any decorations that you want. Whether it’s flowers, candles, or musicians ,floral frame, giant LED letters ,decorative acrylic sign, our marriage proposal services will do what it takes to make the moment unforgettable.

Adding to that we can provide a giant heart covered with full red roses and a breathtaking red setup with lots and lots of candles and flower petals to make your partner shout out with (Yes) without any hesitation.

Desert proposal Services

Enjoy a private sunset or with your beloved one at the banks of Dubai famous desert.

We will do everything for desert setup arrangements that make your evening the best ever. A nice set of rugs, pillows, and some snacks will surely make this day even better. It will be fully privatized without any other guest around. It’s the perfect setting for a proposal. You can arrive in the spot with a camel or with a 4WD car whichever suits your plan better. You can plan every single aspect with the utmost perfection as you desire. We will carry those out as to the maximum of our capabilities.

Yacht proposal Services

You want to make an original proposal that will etch in your memory and that you will tell over and again to your grandchildren with a smile?

Declare your love aboard your private boat in front of one of the most romantic monuments in Dubai. The twinkling Ain Dubai, you choose the perfect time to make a wedding proposal that leads you to a successful wedding and engagement! Personalize your proposal with a bouquet of red roses, a floral frame and giant led letters or by projecting your proposal message on the famous Ain Dubai.

Ain dubai proposal Services

The Cupid Pod is the perfect way to show someone special the romantic views of Dubai, combined with a romantic table setup, romantic pod setup with fresh flowers and LED candles both served by your own personal host.

Indoor proposal Services

Proposal ideas are not limited to outdoor locations. You can have the best time at an indoor location as well. Although often used as a Plan B when inclement weather is looming, it can actually be a great thing to be indoors for a proposal.

With a Magical setup , you will feel like you are walking into the illustrated pages of fairytale .

Out of the box ideas

We also provide (Out of the box ideas) marriage proposal ideas which can totally surprise your chosen one, using the breathtaking air balloons, helipad at a 7 stars hotel, top of the highest mountain in uae and much more.
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